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Dual passive LPG including 2 carefully selected handmade vactrols that have similar response time as the popular VTL5C3 when the Fall trimmer is set around noon.


– Vactrols are installed in sockets, it’s easy experiment with other vactrol types.

– Fall trimmer controls the vactrol response curve as well as the volume, from very short to aproximately 2 seconds.

– Works best with short triggers, very short triggers make it sound snappy.

– LED monitors the cv in socket signal.

– Top input and cv in sockets are normalized to the bottom LPG section.

– Insert cv from lfo, adsr, sequencers etc. into cv in sockets to use it as a vca.

– Bypass dip switch behind the module to completely bypass Fall trimmer and LED. This is useful if you want to use another vactrol type and get it’s pure response curve.

– Small SMD trimmer at the back wired as a high frequency cut control.

– Muted output signal when no cv in signal present.

– No power consommation.


Width: 2hp / Weight: 26gr / Depth: 25mm


On modular grid: