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HP is a dual DC block and adjustable Hi-Pass 3-pole filters (-18dB/oct).


Turn it on by using the toggle switch (purple LED will turn on) and adjust the potentiometer to set at which frequency you want to cut, adjustable from 40hz to 150hz.


At 40hz it will remove DC voltage and unnecessary very low frequencies while keeping your signal as is, then you can choose to cut higher up until 150hz in case your signal needs even more low end attenuation.


Input signal is in true bypass mode when the LED is turned off.


Signal at the top channel is normalled to the bottom channel when no cable is inserted in the bottom channel input socket. This means you can cut even more low frequencies by using both channel at the same time without having to patch a cable to link them.


It can be very useful to use at the 2 mix bus main output of your mix before going into a PA sound system or simply cut low end from bass drum and bass sounds to keep them clear and tight in a mix. Low frequencies below 40hz takes a lot of headroom and are often not necessary.


Width: 2hp / Weight: 25gr / Depth: 20mm

Power consommation:
-12v: 5mA
+12v: 10mA


On modular grid: