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– 2 channels attenuverters and offsets (clockwise is positive and counter-clockwise is negative)

– Attenuvert up to ~2x gain in positive or negative direction

– Shift potentiometer can scale voltages up to 10v in in positive or negative direction

– Input 1 is normalled to input 2

– Outputs are normalled to the shift potentiometers to be used as a constant voltage source without a signal connected to the input

– Bi-polar red/green LED monitors the signals at the outputs (red=negative voltage, green=positive voltage)


A few patch ideas:

– Useful for sidechain effect (increase a signal while another decreases)

– Control multiple modules with 1 knob: connect ATV output to a mult such as IPSE and send it’s outputs to multiple modules cv inputs.

– Scale voltages before going to a quantizer for note sequence transposition

– Manipulate envelopes and lfo to get a precise range for a desired effect

– Convert unipolar lfo and envelope into bipolar, or the other way around

– Shift (offset) lfo or envelope swings from 0v-5v to +-5v, or any other range

– Amplify gates and triggers not loud enough to strike other modules

– Works well with cv, audio, gates and triggers or any signal from your eurorack system




Width: 2hp / Weight: 25gr / Depth: 20mm

Power consommation:
-12v: 20mA
+12v: 20mA


On modular grid: