Eurorack Adapters Panels

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Eurorack Adapters Converter Panel

3u to 1u and 1u to 3u eurorack adapters converter panel for intellijel and pulplogic formats.


* Attention : I know it can be confusing with all theses different types to choose from so please double check what you need and if you need help just send me an email i will be happy to help!

* 2 New models: 1u to 3u intellijel type in horizontal orientation
– 10hp version can hold up to 8hp of 1u modules per row
– 18hp version can hold up to 16hp of 1u modules per row
Both can only be used with 1U Intellijel format modules.

* New silver aluminum model sandblasted with 8x M3 holes (no need for nuts under the adapter). Only available for 3u to 1u intellijel format at the moment.

What does it do?
3U to 1U Adapter allows you to fit 3u modules in a 1u row.

1U to 3U Adapter allows you to fit 1u modules in a 3u row.

Details about the 3U to 1U adapters:
Pulplogic format can fit up to 6hp of 3u modules inside.
Intellijel format can fit up to 4hp of 3u modules inside.
Both formats are 26hp wide

Details about the 1U to 3U adapters:
Pulplogic format can fit up to 22hp of 1u modules inside and are 10hp wide
Intellijel format can fit up to 22hp of 1u modules inside and are 8hp wide.

What is it made of?
They are made of PCB material with black solder mask and hasl plating (in other words: black and silver), 1.6mm thick. It is the same as the make noise and other manufactuers that uses pcb’s as panels. It can bend a little without modules installed in them, but once the modules are in, it’s pretty solid and i had not even one bad experience from customers so far.

How to use it?
Each adapter comes with 4 screws and 4 nuts
– Except the aluminum new version comes with only screws, nuts are not needed.

You can let me know if you think you need more than that i will be happy to include a few more. You just need to put the screw at the top and the nut under the adapter, it will hold the module on the adapter one on top of each other (see pictures).


Buyers outside Canada and USA: please send us an email including how many of each you want and your complete address with phone number – We can ship without tracking for cheaper cost paid as friends method on paypal only for 1 or 2 adapters orders. Shipping cost can be very expensive just for 1 or 2 adapters. Thanks!