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Saevitus is a smaller and simpler version of Saevitum and povides gnarly distortion at a lower price, but it has a lot of the same sound caracter as Saevitum as well as added clipping diodes at the input and a boost switch which let you use line level signal or even a guitar/bass straight into it.

It’s comes calibrated with normal settings but you can use the top “level” blue trimmer at the back of the module to taste to make it unstable and weird overloading the opamp and overall circuit around the RGB LED which is under the tube and reacts to the output signal. The other blue trimmer at the back of the module near the bottom is to set the tube bias, it works in combinaison with the front panel knob “level”.

You can choose which color using front panel trimmers or at the back trimmer for overall RGB effect amount. The RGB color you choose will affect the sound in weird and unpredictable ways especialy if you put it them all at 100%, which is the whole point of this module; to get weird tube sounds that would be very hard to reproduce on other equipment or software. If you don’t like the chaotic behavior, the trimmers are there for this reason, it can be tamed and set to taste or even completely disabled.


– Tube VCA Distortion, more volume = more distortion

– Nasty unstable circuit design

– 12AX7 JJ tube included

– Freq knob controls the frequency cutoff. This is a simpler filter design similar as the tone control in guitars.

– CV input controls the vca level, with cv attenuator and isolated bipolar monitor LED

– Boost slide switch allows line level or other low voltage signals like pedals, guitars, bass, etc. to be amplified enough for modular levels, or use it to completely saturate the signal.

– FBK knob is a feedback phase reversed circuit for gnarly unstable effects similar to Saevitum

* The included JJ brand 12ax7 tube is 50-55mm taller than the frontpanel.


Width: 6hp / Weight: 70gr / Depth: 25mm

Power consommation:
-12v: 145mA (195mA on startup)
+12v: 98mA


On modular grid: