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New V2 version features:

  • Better distortion and vca response.
  • Toggle switch instead of slide switch for the boost function.
  • New panel design and a few other very technical updates.


Saevitus is a smaller and simpler version of Saevitum and povides gnarly distortion at a lower price, but it has a lot of the same sound caracter as Saevitum.

The boost switch has enough gain to use line level signal or even a guitar/bass straight into it.

You can choose how much RGB LED using the trimers in the front panel holes to individually select Red, Green or Blue, or any combinaison. There is also a small trimmer at the back to set the overall amount. The whole RGB LED circuit can also be completely disabled and removed from the circuit by removing all 4 jumpers at the back.


– Tube distortion and VCA

– 12AX7 JJ tube included

– Freq knob controls the frequency cutoff. This is a simpler filter design similar as the tone control in guitars.

– CV input controls the vca level, with cv attenuator and bipolar monitor LED (green=positive, red=negative incoming cv signal)

– Boost switch allows line level or other low voltage signals like pedals, guitars, bass, etc. to be amplified enough for modular levels, or use it to completely saturate the signal.

– Feedback (FBK knob) circuit for gnarly sounds.

* The included JJ brand 12ax7 tube is 50-55mm taller than the frontpanel.


Width: 6hp / Weight: 70gr / Depth: 25mm

Power consommation:
-12v: 180mA
+12v: 15mA


On modular grid: